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About My Resources:

AWS Publications Ltd produces a range of high quality Blackline Photocopy Master Resources, with an emphasis on Mathematics and written utilising the objectives as stated in the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum document. 

These resources have been written mainly for use by teachers within school situations, but many can be used at home.

All Blackline Photocopy Master Resources can be purchased as books (sold only within NZ) or as PDF's (sold world wide).

Also availabe is a range of non-photocopiable resources, which include Mathematics Workbooks, Homework Diaries and Numeracy Flash Cards .  

The Student Workbooks can form the basis of a school mathematics homework programme or they make excellent resources for parents who would like to help their children at home, but are not sure how to help.

An information sheet and sample pages from each resource are available, that you can DOWNLOAD for FREE.

While written for the New Zealand market, many of the mathematics skills covered within these resources are generic skills, therefore making the resources suitable for use in countries other than New Zealand.  As new resources are completed, they will be added to the website.

A Brief History:

AWS Publications Ltd  was formerly known as AWS Teacher Resources.

A brief history ...

In 1994 when I was teaching mathematics at a Christchurch secondary school, I was asked by a parent of a pupil, Why don't you set more homework?

A good question and not always easy to answer!!!

The difficultly was that there were no suitable resources that I could use as the basis of a homework programme & so I decided to write my own, following the 5 strands of the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum ....  Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra & Statistics.

The resources would be in the form of stand alone worksheets that would link to the work being taught in class and the worksheets could also be used as assessment or revision activities.

It was suggested to me, by a colleague that my resources could be published & so that's what I did.  I started my our publishing business and several years later I am still going, having written over 140 resources for Year 2 to Year 10 pupils.  My resources are currently being used by 80% of all schools within New Zealand and I have sold to several countries overseas.

Not everyone enjoys mathematics, so my aim when writing resources is simple ...   

"How can I present the work in such a way that it is easy for a non-specialist mathematics teacher to understand and teach to their class?"  

Detailed information about these resources, including useable sample pages are available on my website.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my website.  I am sure you will find resources that will enhance your teaching programme.

Andrew Stark

Director / Author

AWS Publications Ltd
PO Box 21 304

Telephone:  +64  3 338 0516

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