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DIY Home Tuition Mathematics Workbooks & Flash Cards for use at HOME


The resources in this section have been specifically written to provide parents and care-givers with an appreciation of what is taught within a New Zealand school.  These resources will provide you with a systematic and structured approach, as you assit your child a better understanding of mathematics. 

Doing well and understanding mathematics begins with learning and confidently knowing the basic numeracy facts.  How you learn the facts is less important than learning them.  We all learn in different ways and at different rates, but with consistent and regular practice, success will follow.


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Number & Algebra Mathematics Student Workbooks

Help Me at Home Mathematics Student Workbooks

Number Knowledge Mathematics Student Workbooks

Curriculum Strand Mathematics Student Workbooks

Daily Number Revision Mathematics Student Workbooks

Number Patterns Mathematics Student Workbooks

Daily Alphabet Student Workbooks

Numeracy Flash Card Series

With over 1500 worksheets, there is plenty to choose from. 

If you need any advice or have a question about the resources on offer, please contact the author on 03 338 0516 (Andrew Stark) or send me an e-mail.


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